apastron software development overview

We Help Your Business
To Deliver The Software You Need...

  • We offer complete custom software development services covering the entire technical solutions from concepts to ideation – from innovation to development – from testing to deployment.
  • By working with Apastron you gain access to a highly trained team who have both an understanding of your business domain and a passion for delivering the technology which meets your needs.
  • We deliver web, mobile and desktop software solutions for variable size enterprises i.e. – management of B2B, B2C interactions and internal operations.

We Stick to a Systematic Software Development Process

Business analysis

During this initial phase, we can gather information about your project and start to think about the technical aspects (e.g. the tech stack and the architecture).
The goal of business analysis is to:

  • Identify your project’s initial requirements and possible technical challenges.
  • Answer the various technical questions that arise during this phase.

Requirements Engineering

In this phase, we talk about your requirements, and every necessary detail to make the best version of your software product. We talk about the roadmap your users are gonna follow while operating software and how is your expectation of the product, also explain, what will be the Do's and Dont's.

  • It’s important to make everyone involved which are the elements that provide the most value to the solution.

Wireframing & IA

We create wireframes to illustrate and document the functionality and Information Architecture of the system we are building.
We will then create a clickable prototype of all wireframes to demonstrate the flow from one screen to another.

  • all intended to gather feedback and ensure world-class user experience.

User Interface Design

The mockups we will create may range from primary (home) and secondary page layouts to UI designs for applications and more.

As an organization, we are passionate about the design of our solutions.

Backend and Frontend Development

We grab the designs and code up the HTML and CSS to show what the website or UI would look like. This backend & frontend development efforts are typically broken down into sprints.

At the end of each sprint, the client is able to view their growing software and give feedback to the developers.

Quality Assurance

The mockups we will create may range from primary (home) and secondary page layouts to UI designs for applications and more.

As an organization, we are passionate about the design of our solutions.


Our technical support team is available for you until the complete deployment of your project. And we’re more than happy to be the ones maintaining your system after development has been completed.

Ongoing Partnership

We always prefer to build long-term relationships with our customers and work as their technology partners. Our flexible solutions are designed to ensure we continue to meet your ever-changing needs and also help bring new opportunities for growth to your business.

What Exactly We Do.

Creative Front-End Development Solutions

  • Creating features or interactive tools for any online store
  • Building modern day responsive websites or web app for mobility segment
  • Developing secured, bugless and consistent products for high traffic web zone
  • Upgrading the traditional look of any brand
  • UI & UX

Sophisticated Back-End Development Solutions

  • A well-designed frontend usually isn’t as useful without proper backend support. No matter how beautiful a page looks at first glance, users will quickly turn away if the website doesn’t function properly.
  • We help in Understanding the requirements and developed well-structured Backend that provides full power to the frontend.

Some of the technologies Our Web Developers Deploy

Our web developers use the latest technologies when developing any websites.
  • apastron expertise-android
  • apastron expertise-angular-js
  • apastron expertise-codeigniter
  • apastron expertise-laravel
  • apastron expertise-node-js
  • apastron expertise-php
  • apastron expertise-WooCommerce
  • apastron expertise-wordpress